Gig Harbor Sailing Club's award-winning school offers US SAILING certification in its Basic Keelboat curriculum. We have instructors who are tested and licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captains with years of experience making learning to sail safe, easy and enjoyable. Graduates receive certification recognized world-wide through US SAILING, the national governing body for the sport of sailing.

US SAILING certification is only available through approved schools employing US SAILING certified instructors and adhering to US SAILING strict standards. It is the most rigorous and respected sailing certification available anywhere.

GHSC&S meets or exceeds all US SAILING recommendations and requirements, ensuring you a successful learn-to-sail experience anywhere.


Basic Keelboat Crew Level……….Mar. 11, 13, 14
Basic Keelboat Skipper Level*……Mar. 18, 21, 28
Basic Keelboat Crew Level……….April 8, 10, 11
Basic Keelboat Skipper Level*……April 15, 18, 25
Basic Keelboat Crew Level……….May 6, 8, 9
Basic Keelboat Skipper Level*……May 13, 16, 23
Basic Keelboat Crew Level……….June 3, 5, 6
Basic Keelboat Skipper Level*……June 10, 13, 20
Basic Keelboat Crew Level……….July 8, 10, 11
Basic Keelboat Skipper Level*……July 15, 18, 25
Basic Keelboat Crew Level……….Aug. 5, 7, 8
Basic Keelboat Skipper Level*……Aug. 12, 15, 22
Basic Keelboat Crew Level……….Sept. 2, 4, 5
Basic Keelboat Skipper Level*….. Sept. 9, 12, 19
Navigation…………………………..Sept. 30, Oct. 2, 3
Basic Keelboat Crew Level……….Oct. 2, 4, 5
Basic Keelboat Skipper Level*…...Oct. 7, 10, 17
Navigation…………………………..Oct. 12, 19, 26

  • Please call for information about our cruising courses or Nov. through Feb. schedules (Dates subject to change due to low enrollment. Prices subject to change without notice.)
  • Certification courses include US SAILING textbook, Logbook, testing materials, and one-year membership to US SAILING.
  • Determine value by dividing total course fee by number of instruction hours (for example: Basic Keelboat Full Course Full Member rate of $567/24 hours = $23.63 per hour. (No extra charge for one-hour exam.)
  • All instruction provided in an interactive environment with certified instructors, and small classes mean more personalized instruction per student (maximum of 4 students per course - in the classroom as well as on the boat).

    Private Lessons - 1 Student ** $59/hr. $64/hr. $69/hr.
    Private Lessons - 2 Students ** $79/hr. $84/hr. $89/hr.
    Private Lessons - 3 Students ** $99/hr. $104/hr. $109/hr.
    Private Lessons - 4 Students ** $119/hr. $124/hr. $129/hr.
    Level 1a - Basic Keelboat Crew Level (12 hrs) $252 $315 $419
    Level 1b - Basic Keelboat Skipper Level * (12 hrs) $315 $394 $526
    Level 1a,b - Basic Keelboat Full Course * (24 hrs) $567 $709 $945
    Level 2 - Basic Cruising (24 hrs) $581 $726 $969
    Level 3 - Basic Navigation (9 hrs) $335 $419 $559
    Level 4 - Bareboat Cruising (2 days + overnight) $647 $809 $1079
    Challenge (Club Members Only) $195 + $ + S/T
    Introduction to Sailing
    $89/hour for up to 2 people (2 hr min.) ($15/ea. Addit. person)
    Review Classes: Basic Keelboat, Basic Cruising, Coastal Navigation, Bareboat Cruising
    8 Hrs.: 1 day on the water. Instructor will customize class to meet the needs of students........ $259
    Conversion Check-out: A.S.A to US SAILING certification (Club Members Only)
    Includes Written & Practical Examinations and US SAILING Membership...$195 + $ + S/T
    Full Members Save 40% on Certification Courses! Associate/Boat Owner Membership Save 25%

    *US Sailing Certification Included (BK Crew Level is the prerequisite for BK Skipper Level)

    **Private Instruction boat fee (if our vessel) and certification (if desired) is extra
    (Check Course Registration link for details)

    If your schedule doesn't fit our class dates we can customize our sailing instruction to you using Private Lessons and schedule mutually convenient times to meet. This is also a good option if you have some sailing experience, and Private Lessons can include US SAILING Certification for up to 4 students. Since the instruction is tailored to fewer students, Private Lessons towards US SAILING Certification typically take less time than our regular courses and may result in a cost savings. Rates are located on the Course Registration link on our site. Please contact us for more information.

    Skippered Charters:

  • Introduction to Sailing: Enjoy a 2-3 hour sail and tour of the beautiful Gig Harbor area aboard one of our popular club boats. We'll be happy to teach you a few things, or you can let your skipper do the sailing and sit back and relax! It's a fun and easy way to experience sailing for first-time or seasoned sailors. At least two people guarantees a private sail! If you decide to join the club you can apply 50% of the fee towards membership! Contact us to schedule a sail.

  • Longer Charters May Be Arranged: Please call for more info.

    Introducing the...  

    GET CERTIFIED! Become a better sailor, gain confidence, and enjoy these benefits:

  • Become a member of the national governing body for the sport of sailing, serving all sailors.
  • Receive US Sailing's newsletter and members-only discounts on Cruising World and Sailing World magazines.
  • Receive nationally-recognized credentials and link to U.S. Sailing's national database allowing charter companies to confirm your credentials.
  • Receive discounts on Safety-at-Sea programs, sailing accessories, travel insurance and charters.
  • Free participation in U.S. Sailing's online job bank.

    7 Levels - 1, 2, 3 & 4 are the goal for many sailors to be able to charter or rent worldwide.

    1. Basic Keelboat (Full Course) - no prerequisite 24 Hrs.
    This course leading to certification is of an introductory nature, designed to provide the new sailor with a foundation on which to build future sailing skills. You will be learning about different parts of the boat, sailing's language or nomenclature, knots, rigging the boat, leaving and returning to the dock or mooring, points of sail, safety procedures, sailing a course, maneuvering and securing the boat. The Full Course is divided into two levels. Crew Level offers a basic introduction to sailing (12 hours of instruction, including 8 hours on the water). Should you decide to move on to Skipper Level (an additional 12 hrs, including 10 hours on the water), you will earn US SAILING certification! If you know up front you want to get certified, sign up for the full certification course (Crew and Skipper Levels) for a reduced fee.

    Once certified you'll be able to confidently sail aboard your own or rented keelboat for relaxing outings or great adventures in local waters and moderate weather conditions.

    * Guaranteed Certification, Qualifies sailing up to 30'/Tiller/With or without outboard.

    2. Basic Cruising - 24 Hrs. prerequisite Basic Keelboat.
    Courses are taught aboard sloops of moderate size, with inboard or outboard auxiliary engines. Now you can build your skills gained in smaller keelboats as you become familiar with cruising boats which have more comfortable accommodations and more complex systems. You will advance your skill level in sail trim, reefing, crew coordination, boat systems, chart reading, tides and currents, anchoring, rules of the road and more.

    Certification at this level will allow you to sail an auxiliary powered cruising sailboat, taking friends or family day sailing to explore the coastline and its harbors.

    * Guaranteed Certification, Qualifies sailing up to 43'/Wheel/With inboard or outboard auxiliary.

    3. Bareboat Cruising - 24 Hrs. prerequisite Basic Cruising.
    This is the goal for many sailors-to be able to bareboat charter. This certification advances you to larger 30' to 40' foot sailboats with wheel steering and inboard diesel. You will polish your skills work with boat systems, tow a dingy and learn advanced anchoring techniques in preparation to rent.

    Successfully complete this level and you will be able to set sail on weekend cruises or bareboat charter at exotic tropical destinations on boats up to 40'.

    4. Coastal Navigation - 18 Hrs prerequisite Basic Keelboat.
    To properly use traditional navigational techniques and electronic navigation for near coastal passage making.

    This navigation course is "ground school" for the advanced certifications where you will be venturing offshore, away from sight of land and out of protected waters. you will learn about piloting, deduced ( deed or dead ) reckoning, set and drift, taking bearings and ranges. You'll learn about radar, loran, GPS, and other electronic aids to navigation and how to integrate them with traditional piloting skills.

    Your coastal navigation certification will provide you with the skills and confidence to navigate your way to any destination.

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